Popel Steel 21.1 Gallon Motion Sensor Trash Can

Popel Steel 21.1 Gallon Motion Sensor Trash Can

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$ 74.99

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A must-have for busy kitchens, this automatic design takes the mess out of trash disposal. Powered by three D batteries, this design uses motion sensor technology to open and close automatically, allowing you to toss used goods with ease. Crafted from steel and boasting a brushed exterior, it's sleek enough to fit right in with modern kitchen decor. Plus, a liner is included. Accommodates from a 21-gallon to a 30-gallon trash bag.

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I love these trash bins. They weren’t overly expensive, they are HUGE compared to my old auto trash bins which is great because I don’t feel I’m emptying the trash every day. They are large enough for larger recycling items. The only downfall is you need special sized bags. You can’t just buy the Glad or Hefty typical size bags that we are use to.


This is huge! I love it and it will hold a ton of trash. Excellent for a family the size is perfect. The first one I received unfortunately was damaged in delivery but fortunately Wayfair is the Absolute Best place to shop, they immediately sent me out another one that arrive perfect. I got it for a super price it even came with a few garbage bags.


I purchased this because the trash can we had kept banging against the was and making the wall scratched. Also, I was emptying the trash twice a week. Ive had the trash can a week and actually get compliments on the trash can! LOL My mom brother have already ordered one! It opens quiet and smoothly stays open about 10 seconds and quietly closes. I love my purchase1


I love this trash can!!! We looked at the super expensive Simple Human trash cans and this exceeds all the hype they have. I wanted a trash can where the lid would stay shut to keep stinky trash at bay and it’s so nice because you don’t have to touch it with dirty hands. I use the simple human xl trash bags and they fit perfectly.


Lo mejor que me ha pasado en la vida. Desde que conocí way fare mi casa es moderna, cómoda, bonita y con poco dinero


Shape, size and how it looks in my kitchen. It is easy to have it open when my hands are full. I just need to find the 21.1 gallon garbage bags now and I’ll be set!!! I like it!


Amazing trash can doesn’t come with batteries though comes with 5 trash bags needs 3 d batteries looks great


This trash can is very nice and can sure hold a lot it looks really nice in our kitchen ! It is sure worth it !


I love my new trash can. It hold plenty trash. It open and close when you put your hand over it. The only this is that it don’t come with the batteries. This is a good buy.


Love this trash can. Love the size. The only thing that may be an issue, if you have this in an high traffic area. It tends to open up with the slightest movement. I may have to move it beside my refrigerator. This was my first purchase from Wayfair. And it won’t be my last.