1.6 Gallon Step On Trash Can

1.6 Gallon Step On Trash Can

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$ 18.75

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Organize your trash at home and office with the simplehuman 6L / 1.6 Gal, Mini Round Step Trash Can. It is made from polypropylene that makes it strong and durable. This trash can is available in various finishes to select from. The step-on trash can is ideal for any bathroom. It has a strong steel pedal for easy and stable functionality. There is also removable bucket for convenient practicality. Its stable operation gives it a big can feel. The handle allows easy mobility, and the lid keeps the trash fit and avoids any foul smell. It is leak proof and has a weight capacity of 1.6 gallons. This 6L / 1.6 Gal, Mini Round Step Trash Can from simplehuman can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

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The product description is surprisingly accurate and the construction is better than I expected. This is the perfect size for a plastic grocery bag in a bathroom or laundry room for cat litter and diaper trash. It keeps the smell down and is quite sturdy! The quality was better than Target or Ross for the same price point.


Bought one for the bathroom to keep the pets out of the trash. Perfect size. Ordering a second one for the other bathroom.


Love this little trash can. I ended up purchasing the (very affordable!) bags that are made specifically for it. I tried using my "go to" plastic bags but they hung over the sides and looked very messy. Highly recommend and would definitely purchase another.


Sleek line, closed top so no one has to see what is in it and keeps dog out...easy to open top with pedal. Simple human never disappoints.


This trashcan is perfect for my needs. I wanted a small can that had a lid. I dont like the trash showing. I bought the bags to go with it as well. They are style b. The bags fit great and do not show when the lid is down.


Fits great in our small bathroom


Perfect for my bathroom.


I bought to white one to match the colours in my bathroom and it's the perfect size. I love the step feature on this product and the durability overall. Excellent Product...


Great quality, easy to clean and I Love the removable bin.


I have three of these now, two bedrooms and a bathroom. Super sturdy and high quality!