Plastic 13 Gallon Step On Trash Can

Plastic 13 Gallon Step On Trash Can

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Keep the trash away and your rooms clean with the simple human 50 L / 13 Gal, Semi-Round Step Trash Can. The semi-round trash can has a flat back that allows it to be placed against a wall. It is made from polypropylene that makes it sturdy and long-lasting. It is leak-proof and keeps the area neat and tidy. There are a secure slide lock and a strong steel pedal for great functionality. Its step-on foot and lid work on Shox technology for a smooth and silent close. This 13 Gallon Step on Trash Can from simple humans has a large capacity for high-traffic areas and busy households.

  • Lid Shox technology for a smooth, silent close
  • Available custom fit liners for a perfect fit - Code P

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This trash can is of superior quality. The lock is optional, so simply don't engage it if it's not needed. The color grey is very nice and would probably go with just about any color scheme. The lid is easy to raise with the foot lever and automatically lowers back down slowly. Excellent product!


This is AMAZING, if garbage cans can be amazing. I use it with the custom bags (a little expensive, but PERFECT fit). It's rare to smell any bad odors, even when it's full to the brim. Love the slow closing "hydraulic" lid. Love the size. Definitely recommend this item, and would buy again for another location.


Love it! It looks great and works just as great! Any trash bag would fit nicely inside it (no need for special brand). It's certianly sturdy and well made, but also easy to keep clean! I didnt think we would have use for the special locking feature, but our family dog apparently found interest in the new trash can initially.. and then I was THRILLED to use the locking lid feature! So cool! Not sure what else to say (I mean it is a trash can LOL) but this one is definitely worth the money and it awill be in our kitchen for a long time!


Purchased for my new home. Walls are a stone color with off white trim. Looks great, durable and any 13 gallon garbage bag works easily with the shape of this can. Looks nice too since it sits out.


I love it because it flat on the back side and round or oval on the front side. It also has adjustable piece on the back to keep it about an inch or so from hitting the wall when the top is opened. It has a foot pedal for the top to pop up which is good if your hands are full, or you can simply lift the top as I do a lot of the time. My favorite is, it has a locking top! If you pull the silver handle in the front forward it locks the top so if knocked over accidentally or buy a pet, everything stays put in the trash can. Simple Human made a very durable, beautiful and fully functional trash can that’s affordable!


This trash can just arrived by UPS & I love it, what a buy got it on sale for $39 shipped I would have ordered two had I know it was so nice. I ordered the black with silver accent it even comes with a few trash bags , looks great & self closes which I love Great product reasonably priced , I'll be back to order more when it goes on sale again! Thank you Wayfair for the prompt shipping & great pricing


I'm very happy with this garbage can. Nice quality! The lid closes slowly. The pet lock is great for toddlers, and dogs, but does not need to be used if you don't want to.


Great trash can & the dog can't drag trash out anymore!


great color.. used in busy lobby area and has really held up...2 years and counting! Self opening step still works great too!


This was bigger than I expected. Was fairly easy to put the lid on but fair warning you may need a bit of strength to snap the hinges together. I like the fact you can lock the lid as I have a sneaky pit named Daisy , while adorable , will like most dogs pull items from the trash can. The shape made it perfect for the corner of the bedroom I put it in.